What are the projects assisted by Pledge to fund?

Pledge to fund hosts projects of different kinds. Every project is created independently by the person behind the motive or the idea. The project creator would create his account in Pledge to fund and upload his project ideas with clear goals and motive behind the project. How does Pledge to fund make a difference?

There are many people in the world who tend to work towards the betterment of the society and people. They have a vision and zeal but lack financial funding which is an obstacle in making their dreams come true. This is where Pledge to fund makes a difference. People with their vision upload their project idea on the Pledge to fund website. This is where funders can have a look at the project and fund the required amount.

click here How is my donation helping the project creators through Pledge to fund?

The project creator would be required to set up the account for receiving the funds which would require them to verify their identity, register their bank account and authenticate their contact information. The accumulating fund for a particular project would be displayed on the project page along with the target amount, target date and the number of backers. When a project is backed by you, the creator of the project will get to know the amount that has been pledged by you, your account name and the rewards that have been selected. Apart from this, none of the payment information or the credit card details would be shared with the creator.

enter site What happens if the target amount is not reached?

Unfortunately if the target amount for a project is not reached, Pledge to fund would release all the funds to the backers. Will Pledge to fund refund my money if in case a project is unsuccessful?

Pledge to fund will not be refunding the money as the money transactions are between the creator and the backer. It is the Creator’s responsibility to refund the money in this case .Pledge to fund and their payment partners would eliminate their fee before transferring the fee for a project. In case of payment failures, Pledge to fund would not be responsible. The failures in payment transaction or issues regarding payments would be dealt by our Payment partners.

follow link How do I know that the project being hosted is trustworthy?

The project when being created has the complete description of the project, the goal, the money required and the target date. The project has a link to the websites, social networks and supporting sites of the creator. Before you fund the project, do go through the project description clearly and check the profile of the project creator How to start a project on Pledge to fund?

Once you register yourself with pledge to fund, click on the Start Project tab. Enter the details such as Project Title, Upload campaign photo, Add project video, Project category, Add rewards if necessary, Currency method, Target amount, Target date, Story for the project and click on Publish. Once it is published, this project can be shared on the Social networks and forwarded to others as a link. How to contribute for a project?

Go to the project page on Pledge to fund and search for a project or just follow the project link sent to you for contribution. Once you navigate to the project page, it would have the project description, the creator details, funds required and the target date. If you are interested in contributing for the project, click on “Fund this Project”. Then enter the amount that you are willing to fund, select the reward, Enter your name and Email (You can choose to be anonymous too) and select the funding method PayUMoney. Can I contribute to multiple projects on Pledge to fund?

Yes, you can contribute to multiple projects at a time. Is there a fee to sign up on Pledge to Fund?

Signing up on Pledge to fund is free.

How do I ensure that my donation for the project is being utilized properly?

The project would be uploaded with all the cost factors involved with clear goals and the budget that would be incurred for the project. All the funds that are being accumulated by the backers would be displayed on the project page. The creator of the project would be keep updating the project progress with all the backers for effective transparency. This would ensure that the donations are being utilized effectively. In case the project is unsuccessful, neither the creator nor the backer nor Pledge to fund would get charged. It’s all in or nothing situation funding on Pledge to fund.

Will Pledge to fund take responsibility for the projects?

All the projects are created by individual project creators and they take the complete responsibility of the project. Backers would go through the project ideas and then they would decide whether to fund the project or not. Pledge to fund would only host the projects and it is up to the backers and the projects creator who would take the responsibility of the project.

How can I volunteer for Pledge to fund?

Pledge to fund is an online crowd funding website. If you are willing to have a project and would like that to be funded, you can create your account in Pledge to fund and promote it on social networks, among friends and spread the news so that you can get enough backers to fund your project.

What happens when the project reaches its goal or target before the dead line?

The project campaign would still continue until the target date. Whatever amount that is being pumped in after its target amount would be a bonus for the creator.

Who manages Pledge to Fund?

Launchship Technology Solutions Private limited

I want to know the different ways that I can pay for my donation?

PayUMoney (Credit/Debit/Netbanking).