college admission essays online about leadership Please read the Terms of Use carefully before you start using Pledge to Fund services. This Agreement is the legal binding terms in order to use the website. By using our service in any manner you are agreeing to the terms in this agreement.
Pledge to fund is a crowdfunding website for people and associations who are looking to raise funds for their projects and back projects of others. In return, the project owners can reward backers in terms of tangible or intangible services. Pledge to Fund takes no accountability regarding the legality or quality of any of the project. Hence, people would be using the service at their own risk.

follow In case you are under 18 years of age, you are not eligible to use this service. In case you are in the age group between 13 and 17, you are advised to use this service under consent and supervision of parents or legal guardian taking into consideration that they are agreeing to the terms and conditions of this service. You are not supposed to use the service in case you have been earlier been suspended in terms of the usage of the service. We have the right to cancel, remove or suspend a project at any time for reasons known without your consent.
Project owners are not allowed to create a project in order to raise funds for illegal activities, banned activities, harmful activities, scams or causing problems to others. Your project should be complying with all the applicable laws and regulations.

top thesis proposal editing service for school Project owners are restricted from offering any of the below as a perk:

literature review of anemia 1. Equities or ownership promises in a company.
2. Financial incentives.
3. Consumer products that are alcoholic or any coupons related to alcohol.
4. Drug related substances
5. Weapons or destruction related accessories
6. Gambling related schemes.
7. Air transportation.
8. Items that tend to endorse hate, racist or discriminative activities.
9. Which violates the Prohibition of applicable laws or rights of other persons

write apa literature review This website should be used in ways that are prohibited by the applicable laws. The users would be taking complete responsibility in using the services. You are not allowed to allow third party to use your account or submit content on your behalf that:

professional literature review editing website uk 1. Trespasses patents, copy rights or interrupts laws.
2. Incorrect
3. Spam or junk related mails or Ads.
4. Contains software viruses or codes that damage computer systems.
5. Copies works of any person or a system

best term paper editing services for college Similarly you are not allowed to decode, inverse any source code or algorithms or any part of the service. Transfer or distribute the rights that you have to any other source. You have to abide to all the applicable laws in your concerning regions. The creators of the project are hereby not supposed to misuse other user’s information.

enter This site can be viewed without registering. In order to use the services, you will have to register with us along with the credentials that you set. The username should not be violating, offensive or duplicating other users. Pledge to Fund has the right to decline the registration process if they seem to be violating the rules. You would be taking complete responsibility of the account that you would be handling. You are refrained from using other users account without the consent of other users. You should be notifying us in writing in case of any unauthorized usage of your account.

go to link Using Pledge to Fund, the Project creating would be running campaigns so that they can be funded and in return they would be offering rewards to the Project Backers. Once a Campaign for fund raising is created, it means that you are inviting people in a contract. A backer who backs a project would be adhering to the contract and the agreement would be between the project creator and the backer.

college application essay help online prompts If you are a Project creator or a backer on Pledge to fund, you are entitled to the following terms:

1. Once backers pledge to fund a project, they would be agreeing to provide their payment information. The payment should be done before the deadline and meeting the criteria of the minimum payment amount. Whatever the amount of payment is done, that is the amount for which they will be charged.
2. Backers would be agreeing to the terms of Pledge to fund and terms of the payment partners for authorization of the payment using cards and other methods.
3. Backers have to ensure that they have required funds so that the pledged amount would be funded.
4. The backers have the option to increase, decrease or withdraw their pledged amount for the project. But this cannot be done during the final 24 hours as this would affect the project goals.
5. The date of delivery of the project and the rewards is on the sole consent of the project creator.
6. Pledge to fund would be providing the Project creator with the backers user name and the amount pledged.
7. The project creators would be requesting the backers regarding additional information in order to deliver the rewards. The Project creators would be responsible for intimating the backers once the project is successful.
8. Pledge to fund does not provide you with any refunds. It’s the project creator who would be totally responsible for the refunds or rewards.
9. Similarly the project creators would take a decision on cancelling or refunding the backers pledge of fund for reasons known to them.
10. In case of payment failures, Pledge to fund would not be responsible.
11. Pledge to fund and their payment partners would eliminate their fee before transferring the fee for a project. This is region specific.
12. Pledge to fund has the right to withdraw a pledge for any reason. Similarly Pledge to fund has the right to cancel, reject or remove any project for any reason.
13. Pledge to fund is not responsible for any disputes, losses or obligations that happen between the users

Joining Pledge to fund is free but in order to use the some of the services there is a fee that has to be paid. Before using any such service, you will be intimated regarding the fee that would be applicable for that.

Accessing third party links would be at your own risk. You are acknowledging that you are responsible for the links that you browse.

Our service contains the content that is being provided by the companies and their partners which might be patented, registered and copyrighted which should not be duplicated.

Pledge to fund would not be having any sort of ownership rights on the user submission and you would be granting us worldwide royalty free market service on your behalf. Users would be publicly identified by the User ID that you they use for their submissions. Thus you would be providing users to go through your user submissions on the website. All the user submissions would not be containing any material that is harmful or copy righted of any Third party proprietary rights.

Users would be responsible for the royalties and the payment that are owed to any person. Pledge to fund has the right to review, delete, edit or reformat any of the User submissions. The Users would take complete responsibility of the information posted by them either publicly or privately. Pledge to fund would not be responsible for any of the errors in the user content. We don’t take any of responsibility of the identities of the users that you communicate on our website.

In case any of the project fails that was funded by users, Pledge to fund has no legal obligation to intervene. The project creators must explain to the backers on the work done, the utilization of the funds and all the reasonable efforts.

As per DMCA, Pledge to fund would be removing trespassing content. If you notice that your work has been copied, please do email your notification to The email should be containing the following information: Electronic signature of the person acting on behalf of the copyright, the description about the work that is being claimed as infringed copyright, location of the infringed copyright location on the website, information supporting that the work has been copyrighted and information supporting that you are the owner of the work.

Pledge to fund has the right to terminate your services without any notice. Pledge to fund does not offer any refunds. Pledge to fund does not make any representations of the content that has been posted by the users on the website. We don’t guarantee that we would monitor the content on the Site. However, we would have the right to cancel or delete such project. Using the services would be completely under your risk.

All the affiliates, Employees, directors, suppliers and the staff of Pledge to fund would be held harmless from all the legal aspects from users misusing the content and service. Using Pledge to fund is not allowed to be used in regions where the content is illegal to use.

All the terms that have been mentioned would be between you and Pledge to fund services.